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diaz at at wards show september 15th. >> and up next, sand in britain. why authorities say julia roberts looks too good in this ad. >> and midway rise aren't the only things making hartsz pound at the state fair. we'll run through the artery-clogging elements. >> and a mountain lion moved in too close for one homeowner. what ended up scaring him away. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. >>> britain banned a makeup ad featuring julia roberts because it's heavily air brushed. take a look. here is what the ad looks like. and here is an unretouched photo. experts say it appears the ad enhanced her makeup, eye lashes, smoothed out skin and removed black lines and crow's feet. she looks great in both. officials ruled it amounts to false advertising. >> retouching wasn't just style liftic, but trying to pretend the product
's launching an investigation in this case. >> one day after britain's top cop resigned in the murdock newspaper phone hacking scandal a top deputy followed his former boss out of the door. ands was under fire for failing to have eefdz i have no knowledge of the extent of the situation. or the extent of it. >> rebecca brooks was arrested, and now all eyes are on james murdock and not so heir apparent, admits to paying $1 million to a soccer star whose phone was illegally hacked. >> there was a particular settlement i authorized and said was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on advice of lawyers within complete investigation. that is a matter of real regret for me. and this could have repercussions in the ugs us, home to more than half of the $33 billion murdock media empire, including fox tv and fox news. >> there is a clause in the regulations for tv stations is that you have to be certified to be of good character. >> tuesday, rupert murdock, james murdock and rebecca brooks will appear before a committee of the british house of commons to answer questions. this is t
in crisis mode in britain, and that murdock was quoted in another paper today defending his company's handling of this scandal and said he's annoyed by the recent negative press. >> and august 2 is the day america will hit it's credit limit. but there is no deal in sight. the white house spokesman says they're still talking and we shouldn't expect any quote, hallelujah moments tonight, making for a tense mood in washington. is the clock winds down on the nation's credit a war of words is boiling over. >> if they bring this economy down, they have broken it, they own it gave us three bad choices. higher taxes, smoke and mirrors, or default. >> house majority leader showed he shouldn't be at the table. >> time for the leader to make concessions. he's taking it in stride. >> i imagine he's frustrated and the fact is that we goring to abide by principal autos that followed a tense exchange at the white house, cantor told the president the two sides are too far apart. and president obama threatened to veto any measures and said don't call my bluff. >> we're in the fox hole. this is not e
a shot. >> britain ace prince william put train together test today. and william performed several water landings before crowds in canada and his wife, princess kate. the prince is a royal aircraft pilot requesting it as part of his visit this, is the couple's first official overseas trip as a married couple and they plan to visit los angeles on friday. >> and there is a new wild attraction at the marin county fair. i captured it with my iphone there the other day with my wife and kids. there is little blake. in several spots, gophers keep popping up. take a look at this. just when someone steps on the hole they dig themselves out. they're not shy. you can just imagine them saying this is my house, what is the commotion? we can put this story into low news value but cute file. >> that is remarkable. like more entertaining than some of the games there, i beat kids enjoyed it. do you see the teeth hanging out there? >> good camera work with your iphone. >> and spencer, nice weather out there today. way cooler. >> yes. cooler around the skbai near the coast. inland areas not so hot as yeste
, the obama administration owes britain. why they're getting a bill. >> and ahead arriveal of a training ship in san francisco bay draws praise and protest. >> notice anything strange about this apple store? you're not supposed to, but there is a big difference. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney is taking questions through facebook and twitter. we have links for you at the top of the home page. >> skye 7 hd continues to stay above this wildfire that is burning along the walnut creek-alamo border from this view. it appears there is less smoke, perhaps firefighters are getting this under control. spencer has a look at the national travel forecast. >> okay. air traffic moving along generally on time across most of the 48 states with just minor delays in just a few locations. atlanta, thunderstorms in the area and most of the delays there between 30-45 minute minutes. up in newark and jfk, new york there are 45 to 60 minute delays because of high and gusting winds. that is a look at travel weather. we'll take a look at the bay area weather when we return with the accuweather seven-day foreca
in parliament. there is a criminal probe underway in britain. now abc news learned u.s. justice department will investigate news corporation to see if american employees engaged in a conspiracy to pay bribes to british police. >> the san francisco chronicle executive vice president and editor at large phil bronstein gave his take today, spoke on "7 live" about responsible of an editor. >> we keep eye on issues of sourcing. interesting information comes to our attention, we want to know from my reporter where did you get that information? >> bronstein think there's is a different culture at work in london and because of previous scandals here in the u.s. most private eyes refuse to engage in phone hacking here. >> san francisco supervisors take a look taking a vote that will determine when or if at and t could offer u-verse cable in the city, would have to install hundreds of these boxes to support the service. opponents say they're not only eye sore buzz they're magnets for excuse me, for graffiti. abc 7 carolyn tyler joins us live with the story. >> they just started talking about it. at
a long process of trying to sneak across the border. >> and later, britain's prime minister cuts short a trip to africa to testify in the tabloid phone hacking scandal. >> one thing that a lack of sleep makes you focus on more clearly and a word of advice about this. watch out for your frenemies, next. >>> health officials warning a california company is still selling a kind of pet frog known to carry salmonela. they stopped shipping the frog, and the cdc found they made more than 20 people sick, most of them, children. despite the warning, the company resumed selling the frogs last month. the company has not commented on this. >>> new research finds obesity is behind the most common form of breast cancer in older women. the records of more than 6,000 post menopausal women had hormone sensitive tumors found too much fat in the body raises hormone levels, alcohol and cigarettes were the next biggest factors. >>> and german researcher nouz believe a pregnant mother's stress can have a lasting affect on the baby and found women highly stressed during pregnancy that, can trigger changes fr
of the world" was to blame. the story is huge in britain. the prime minister answered questions about it during a news conference today in afghanistan wrrx he intended to discuss the withdrawal of the troops. >> what i've head raed is quite shocking someone could do this, knowing that the police were trying to find this person and trying to find out what happened. >> and she was found dead six months after she went missing and a serial killer was convicted last month. >> the los alamos nuclear lab set to reopen tomorrow now that the threat has passed. the fire has burned 121,000 acres but the lab escaped major damage. the facility were evacuated last week, residents allowed back into their homes, and officials believe the fire was spark bid a tree. >> and the most popular person on google's answer to face book. >> and a great vacation deal in exchange for your phone what. hotels are trying to talk you into. >> and a look at traffic in san jose this, is 280 at 17. moving nicely on this day after the 4th of july. stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> looking towards san francisco, ocean beach un
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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